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Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Cant Sleep.. Should I Write Something?


assalamualaikum.. da lame aku xupdate.. skrg da msuk 1Ramadhan.. its not too late I wanna wish Salam Mubarak for all muslim…

kali entry sgt2 bowink… maybe sbb bosan kot.. oke.. lately I’m addicted with one korean variety show WGM.. n my favorite couple is Teukso couple @ Dimple Couple…

We Got Married Leeteuk & Kang Sora

inilah mereka.. Kang Sora & Leeteuk SuJu… ni pic ms first meeting ms ep1-3

I’m not a SuJu fan actually.. tats y at the beginning.. xdela lyn sgt WGM.. tp gara2 adore ngn plakon wanita Kang Sora.. diri ini digagahkan jgk la utk lyn WGM ni…

I would say.. both of them such an awkward couple… but when the time pass by they look good together… plus.. kowg dpt tgk brtapa crazy nyer boy band yg bernama Super Junior ni..


Fighting Junior yg helping this couple to get rid off their awkwardness during 1st n 2nd episode.. dyeowg ade gak muncul dlm ep9, 10, 15, 16…

dgr2 kat korea ms tu ade strike kt station TV yg air WGM ni.. so dis couple being separated for 4 months.. and become awkward again ble jmpe… pity them… few pics dri episod2 yg sblm berlakunye strike…


pic mse ep 6-8


pic mse ep 4-5


pic ms ep 8

ble air balik WGM ni… rata2 peminat dimple couple want both of them in real relationship.. hah.. mle la mcm2 spekulasi dibuatnye.. fans rite… *aku pun turut sama.. sbb both of them so cute and look similar to each other..

I dunno.. but when I watched the new episode after the strike… during the latest episode in ep 26.. I feel like both of them already fall in love for real… means not for the sake of the show…

sbb during ep 26.. I discover tat Leeteuk eyes when looked at Kang Sora are so soft and tender.. full of sincerity.. *faint..


wedding photoshoot in ep 26.. full of love kn? *yg xminat korea mmg xkn thu.. hihi




okay.. enuf for dis entry.. waiting for tomorrow new episode.. Leeteuk is meeting up wif his parents in law.. ^^

my delusional mode: really hope both of them in real marriage..

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