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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My 1st International Project Video Wif My International Friends


ola…. excited sgt sjk smlm.. actually thanks pd kwn2 international yg wt video ni.. aku xdela wt ap pun.. just join bg hantar pic je.. dyeowg sgt awesome cause had done a wonderful job for this sweet video…

aku rse ade 13 yg dtgnye dri Malaysia… include me la kn… its dedicated to Dimple Couple kesukaan kteowg… aku leh join video ni je.. sbb sng je.. just send double sign V pic.. aku xreti nk dedicated fan message ke ap…

oke.. meh tgk.. da upload youtube da… Smile

Hope DC will be come a real couple.. ^^

p/s: aku rse aku cm comel la plak… pasni nk je amek pic double V pose byk2… hahahaha

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