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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Me as a Fanfic Writer ^^

assalmualaikum.. ola… ^^ eh.. eh.. mcm jap je td bru update… haha… btw.. I’m too bored.. brsusun jap ag entry.. satu hari satu.. auto publish… isi masa jap.. sb sat ag nk lyn TTBY… *kau jelly x fara?? aku ad DVD TTBY… hahaha

okay… almost a week aku isi ms lapang aku ngn menulis fanfic… huhu.. ap itu fanfic (FF).. my friend ade tnye… kau slalu update tweet kau ckp kau tga update FF.. ap tu FF? FF is shortform for fanfiction…

since aku ni fan of Kang Sora.. so, my imagination story is about her.. so, skrg ni aku da wt 3 stories psl dye… da tulis2.. aku publish kt internet.. saje suka suki… huhu.. feedback?? mmg mgejutkn.. xsgka ad yg sudi membaca…

some readers quite friendly.. after they found out about me.. dye akn follow me via twitter… now.. I have some worldwide friends.. ^^, haha.. some of them knew me using nickname chiyokosadness… huhu..

maybe dyeowg xkn bc belog aku ni.. tp I’m showing my gratitude to them.. thanks cause always supporting me in FF world.. even I am just a newbie…

link for my FF:



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