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Saturday, November 10, 2012

KTM Moment on 6/11/2012

assalamualaikum n hi readers… oh my.. I think its quite a long time I didn’t update with new entry… quite bz nowdays.. busy ler sgt! *dush dush… not really.. just not in the mood nk update blog since ad crush bru ni..

okay.. whateva! okay.. on last Wed on 6th Nov 2012.. aku ad la attend open interview kt KL Sentral for one job la.. keje biase2 je.. then.. it started at 9am.. but aku la.. ngn nek ktm tup tap tup tap ciap breakfast kul 11am bru smpi.. kemon la! ni aku.. mmg xkn punctual punyela.. haha..


ni bgn seawal 6 am n nk ciap2 g interview with full of confident… kononnyela kn!

so, since my adik xpnh nek ktm.. me pn ajak la dye n my dad tmn aku g interview skali…


okay.. this is my little sis.. oke.. n she is a girl.. cm chinese kn?? oh no.. she like korean.. hehe.. kpopperz la katekn.. XDDDD

*tgk my adik da kembang kuncup owg puji2 dye…


selca inside the komuter.. sila abaikan my face yg mcm full moon tu okay.. ==”


we r having colgate endorsement.. say cheese! >.<

okay.. to be continue… hahaha…

*sorry.. me xleh tulis pnjg2.. t cpt boring…

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