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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Get Rid off Me!

assalamualaikum n morning readers… its been a long time aku xupdate this blog… bz sgt lately.. I tot nk update last week but still not in the mood la katakan..

why?? why??? why am I so busy during this time… to be honest… I already rid off my JOBLESS title! weehu!!!!

so.. what am I doing rite now?? working… everyone was asking me what is my job…. my answer is simple… tayang mke n jual tiket je.. keje aku xad la gempak2 biase2…. nmpk x?? me xkisah even keje jual tiket.. at least aku ad keje.. n kje tu halal.. xpyh nk memilih bagai la kn…

first day aku 3hb aritu.. da almost two weeks aku kje.. tp dlm ms 2mgu tu aku msih dlm process briefing.. dok dlm kls and learning what was my job… gaji ala kadar.. ckupla jgk utk aku n tlg family sket2… ^^

so, how was the surrounding??? wow! KL is really crowded early in the morning.. I was shocked at one moment.. I really hate KL a lot… at first I was so lonely n alone.. I had no friend…

but later on its become more hilarious day by day.. after I met Win, K illa n K Ikin.. I always laughing crazily non stop..

then, I got to know K Miza, K Suzy, Aida n Ros… the twinnie.. Hana Hani

2012-12-04 11.01.03

2nd day pic during visiting Salak Tinggi Station… ^^

there were too many pic.. but I cant upload more… because we were crazily during selca… XDDD

p/s: it such a beautiful memories n experiences for me.. the girls are awesome! they take care good of me… the boys… urm… they quite good… but its hard to get know them for 1st week…

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