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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Make Over Session

assalamualaikum n hi readers… taking some times to update blog before I go to bed.. so how’s ur days?? I’m quite bored arini…

so, just spend sum times tgk movie the dark knight rises.. nmpk x sgt ketinggalan zaman cik sal ni.. ><

overall.. the movie mmg awesome since I love english movie…

so, back to the topic.. sok me keje 12jam dri 9am-12am.. gempak x?? minus 3jam rehat.. cm gitula.. so, its gonna be a long day for me tomorrow.. how I wish to skip my monday… lalala~

ok.. last friday… was my last class for training n briefing b4 start working the real job.. so we all ad la kls grooming bgai.. we all pki our uniform for the 1st time.. huhu..


so.. this is us.. new staff of ERL batch 53… cun x?? tat time my skin r really flawless. no make up..


why?? me look awkward in that position.. sorry.. didn’t know how to pose correctly.. ==”


me wif k miza after makeover.. tada.. me look different x? during tat make up session.. me like blur.. didn’t know what to do..hbis comot momot bju ngn compact powder.. the most hilarious moment.. when I’m shocked ble the makeup artist put eyeliner at my eyes.. xselesa.. its kind a lil bit hurt for me.. maapla.. xbiasa.. XDDDD me mana la reti makeup ni..

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I’m ready to work!

p/s: just natural makeup will be enuf for me.. ^^ no need sumthing heavy for my face..