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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Sweet Crush

assalamualaikum n hi readers… Merry Christmas to all people who celebrate it today.. enjoy ur holiday.. me?? will be going to work sebaik sahaja update entry ni… haha… sad life rite?? keje je.. off day mcm x off.. Crying face

me wanna talking abt my crush.. its almost two weeks me having crush on him.. and I already met him for almost a month.. tbh, my crush mmg kerek gler.. so, aku xpnh ckp sgt ngn dye..

but last week, after dye adding me kt FB.. out of nowhere.. suddenly.. we get closer.. until I got crush on him.. crush pn text me ari2.. every single day xpnh miss dye contact me.. so, its develop my feelings for him.. XDDDD

so, yesterday.. we spend sometime together… second time our dinner together.. urm.. me malu2 kucing.. ah gediks cik sal ni! XDD

spend time xlama.. since dye just break 1hour je.. masing2 bz la katakan.. me plak rushing nk blik seremban…

so, too many nk cter psl crush.. but I just wanna told something tat he made me got teary eyes…


before nk blik tu.. he gave me dis.. :”) ah… so sweet… no one ever treat me like dis before.. pdhl we all bru knl xsmpi sbln pn..

me got shocked n speechless at the same time.. he is too nice n sweet to me.. actually, I didn’t deserve it..

but thanks dear crush… thanks for opened my heart a lil bit.. n giving back my smile.. I will keep smiling just for u.. <3

off to work…


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