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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Crush–Sweetheart

assalamualaikum n hi peeps… oh.. da lama xupdate blog… bz sokmo lately… update2 msti nk entry lovey dovey… hehe.. gatal! Red heart

so… nk djiadikan cter me officially in relationship wif my crush.. ooopsss.. already upgrading him as my sweetheart cause dye sgt sweet….

mula2 igt dye just anggap me kawan.. since dye ckp kt orang lain yg we all ni kwn.. but after big misunderstanding between him… I fall more for him… even he confess to me tat he loves me n wanna marry me…

so who is the guy? the one tat opened my heart??


tada! this is him… Muhammad Asyraf bin Mhd Jamil.. n he is one year older than me 23 years old… he is mature, sweet, kind, romantic n funny… always giggling too much when being together with him… ^_____^

so, I dunno.. but even just knl a month.. but I feel secure wif him.. he knows to treat a girl very well.. one day, he tot me mrajuk.. pdhl xad pape sbnrnye.. he waited for me until hbis keje n gave me some chocolates… hehehe… Send a kiss love u so much! thanks dear!


n I dunno why.. I received a lot of wishes from friends after being together wif him.. until some of them tot that I wanna get marry.. LOL XD yela, da aku ni ceria je kn ari2.. gelak2… pp pn mkin tembam… hehe…

okay.. need to go.. kne buat airport pass today.. see u again peeps… ^^


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